The Complete Detail: (Includes Interior & Exterior)

  • Pre-spot & clean carpet, floor mats, trunk mat, upholstery
  • Clean door panels and door jambs
  • Cleaning of all leather, plastic & vinyl
  • Cleaning of the dash, steering wheel, vents, glove box, center console, storage areas
  • Cleaning of all cracks, crevices, cubbyholes, cup holders, coin tray, etc.
  • Cleaning in between and under seats
  • Cleaning of interior glass & mirrors
  • Hand wash exterior, including wheel wells
  • Clay bar surface
  • Removal of tar, tree sap, and mild overspray
  • Clean all exterior glass
  • Clean wheels and rims
  • Dress tires and exterior trim
  • Machine polish and waxing to a professional grade
  • Three-step protection (non-abrasive polish, premium hand glaze, pure wax coating)
  • + tax
    • + tax

      Additional Details

      • Due to the severity of some wear and stains, it may not be possible to completely remove all stains that have matured.
      • Prices are subject to Minnesota sales tax.

      Please call us to consult about your specific needs or requests as they may require additional time or cost.


      What our clients say

      WOW!! is all I could say after seeing my car after your detailing services. I could not find one area that I could complain about. The interior was spotless and smelled great and the exterior was perfect. It was so clean I didn't even want to drive it. What surprised me the most was that there were no swirl marks from buffing the exterior. My car actually looks black again!

      Phil R. – Eden Prairie, MN